I love crab cakes. I order them at restaurants whenever I have a gut feeling that they are worth the $15 three bite appetizer. I never make them at home because Justin doesn’t eat seafood and they seem like a lot of work and expense for just me to enjoy.

SO, when I came across The Sprouted Kitchen’s recipe for sweet potato cakes, I had to give it a try. I was hesitant because every time I have ever tried to make a fried potato or rice cake it turns out to be a big greasy, mushy mess. Not the case here. Just make sure you use enough oil for frying so they don’t stick to the pan and test a small one to ensure the oil is the right temp.

These had a great texture and flavor. But as I was eating, I was trying to put a finger on what was missing. When the plate was clear, it hit me. The crab. It’s the crab that is missing.

Photos by Shanda Foisy | Please give credit when re-posting or pinning. Merci


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