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I met the lovely, talented and friendly Sara from Root Reimagined at The Ruffles and Rust show last week. She had my favorite booth at the event. Her restrained, sophisticated style was authentic and not at all contrived. She makes most everything she sells, and her passion for vintage French Country style is apparent in every item.

Sara and her husband run a vintage rummage sale out of their barn in Salem, Oregon. If you live in the area, be sure to check out her site for upcoming sales. Judging by her offerings at Ruffles and Rust, I’m sure you won’t be let down.

I have a passion for REimaginging the junk around us and turning it into amazing vintage finds. – sara

I purchased a pillow from her that she made from a white vintage crocheted table-cloth (pictured below.) What I also loved about Sara’s work is that she is practical – the pillow cover easily slips off and is machine washable. One of our chocolate labs has an affinity for lounging on throw pillows, so this sealed the deal on my purchase.

Enjoy the photos below. I almost bought the cool coasters made from old wine corks but ran out of cash and decided I probably shouldn’t make another trip to the ATM. Restrain yourself Shanda. Restrain yourself.

Goods by Sara from Roost Reimagined. Photos by Shanda Foisy. Please give credit when re-posting or pinning.