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Farm fresh eggs coming this summer! Our hens, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are now living in our foyer under a heat lamp. In about 8 weeks time they will be outside in their custom built coop (compliments of my talented better half.)

He made a nerdy but very cool 3D model of our coop design ( it comes with being married to an engineer.) The drawings look a little industrial, but we are making it out of some reclaimed gray ceder fence boards from our property. It will have a nice weathered look, a honeysuckle trellis behind it and raised garden beds on each side.

Design Concepts by Justin Foisy. Please link back to this page if you share.

We plan on letting the chickens range free throughout the garden. My friend Leigh gave us a great book by Jessi Bloom that is a must have for anyone thinking about chickens.