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From Etsy Shop Post Road Vintage.

Old mason jars are a staple in a vintage farmhouse inspired home. They have a certain romance about them. While they may be acting as a decor item in your modern day home, they were once canning jars used years ago in country homes to preserve the summer crop for the long winter ahead.

They symbolize preparedness, hard work, and a sense of security.

While these jars are perfectly content and pretty sitting on a counter or in window sill catching light, there are so many ways to put them “back to work” in your home. I had to restrain myself from including every single clever idea I found on Etsy last night, but these should get you started.

First you have to find the right jars. I am partial to blue ones, but there are plenty of white and green ones out there. These are from Etsy Shop The White Pepper and even come with the original lids.

From Etsy Shops Post Road Vintage and Tickled Pink Goods. Perhaps the most classic use of an old mason jar is as a vase. These ladies makes “frog lids” that make arranging flowers a cinch! I have a couple in my home and absolutely love them.

From Etsy Shop Industrial Rewind. A clever idea! Turn a vintage jar into an everyday item for the counter.

From Etsy Shop Poppy and Pearl Co. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! With a drill, a plastic grommet and a straw, this shop owner turns mason jars into stylish tumblers. These would be perfect for a summer cocktail party or BBQ.

From Etsy Shop Sweet Tea Clothing Co. Simple strand lights to twinkle on a porch eve or above a door could add a touch or romance to a dinner for two or atmosphere for an outdoor party.