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The weather is hardly reminiscent of summer here in the Northwest, but since we have officially past the solstice, I was inclined to gather a few images of the start of summer around here. { Update: I take back the whole weather thing. As of 6:40am it is starting to look like Summer again. Blue skies as far as the Cascades! }

The last of the peonies are fighting to stick around so I have been savoring every last one of them.

But as the peonies fade, the roses  and the rest of the summer blooms begin. Thanks to my new friend Quang for letting me borrow his Macro lens for my Canon. It is so fun to shoot with, especially since I am enamored with the details of life. Consider it officially added to my wish list.

Even though we are a little behind on building our chicken coop, the three little hens are happy as can be in our backyard. The 3 month old hens are enjoying their temporary home in an old dog crate and have a large fenced area to roam around. They fly up into the apple tree to roost each night which makes putting them to bed  quite the task. Many evenings they escape the fenced area and we have to chase them around in circles which always provides a good laugh.

The two Barred Plymotuh Rocks (Breakfast and Dinner) are turning into really beautiful birds. Their black and white speckled feathers and red beak are very striking. Lunch, the Gold Ameraucana, however, kind of looks like the poultry version of Gary Busey. But soon she will be laying beautiful blue eggs!

Both the dogs and the baby are enamored with the chickens. 9 month old Sage loves standing at the fence and watching them peck around and he giggles when he gets to pet them.

Justin built a trellis in the back and we planted two different varieties of honeysuckle. I am so excited for it to grow in and create a peaceful little sitting area.