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Photo Shanda Foisy

Who on earth needs 15 white dining chairs when their table only seats 4?

Apparently, I do.

I suppose you can call it a “collection,” but I am sure it is now bordering on hording. The arena of chairs are all from different periods, have different styling and come in a variety of chipped, worn and scuffed shades of white. They each take their turn at the dining room table in a mismatched arrangement when the kitchen seems it could use a change of company.

In hopes of finding out that I was not the only one with said chair addiction, I sought out other homes with eclectic dining chairs. Hopefully this will inspire a summer project for you!

This one is so elegant and still feels cohesive

Ohh La La.

For a small space.

Taking it even farther, try mixing mod, vintage and antique if you want a truly unique look.

A white table with worn wood chairs has the same effect.