Stuff Parisians Like: By Olivier Magny

Stuff Parisians Like

While I adore French food and decor, I have never been overly obsessed with French culture. But, after listening to an interview with Oilvier Magny on NPR, I knew this book would be amusing and educational. Magny owns a popular wine bar in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris and offers a relevant and humorous insight on Parisian culture. American women tend to have an idealistic romance when it comes to Paris and this book offers dead-on observations from a native’s love/hate relationship.

Some things I have read thus far:

• Excess is considered gross. “Petit” = good.
• Parisians love sushi
• Parisian women are on a diet 90% of the time yet most think exercise is “stupid”
• You are considered smart if you complain a lot
• There are 3 kinds of men in Paris: gay looking homosexuals, gay looking heterosexuals, and men over 50.


Lana Del Rey

While you may already love her, I had to include this artist. The atmospheric, retro-’60s-sounding pop lets her torchy, sensuously husky singing style shine. Her music is so captivating and delightfully dark.


Downton Abbey

I rarely watch TV, but last week I decided to see what all the Downton Abbey hype was about. It’s safe to say that I am officially hooked and am considering buying a top hat.


Candied Ginger

candied ginger

I Been adding candied ginger to trail mix the last few weeks. The sweet zing is really nice alongside some pumpkin seeds and almonds. I also love grabbing a couple pieces after a meal to clean my pallet and when want a little something sweet. Ginger is great for the digestive system, can help calm nausea and can reduce heartburn.


Origins Plantscription Serum


While this is marketed as an anti-aging product, I think it is great for all ages. The plant based serum adds a youthful glow and ‘bounce’ back to the skin. I started using this a couple months after my son was born to rejuvenate my tired skin and have been more than pleased. Origins will gladly give you a sample to try that will last you a couple weeks.


Gold Cuffs

A thick gold cuff is such a simple way to add some interest to an outfit. I can add it to my usual skinny jeans and tank routine and instantly feel a bit more glamorous.


Wine Cork Collection

I have stared saving my wine corks and plan on creating something fun with them in the coming months. A pin board, coasters or even the base to a glass coffee table.