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12 months ago, I was cradling a perfect, six pound newborn baby boy against my chest. I remember that pregnancy fog, where the presence of an infant feels like a unicorn that suddenly let itself into the house. You aren’t sure it is reality yet; nine months of planning and anticipation suddenly seem as though they never existed. And now, 12 months later, our little six-pound newborn has grown into a handsome, happy little boy. He talks, he walks, he laughs, and at times makes me lose my mind.

Photo by Quang Sun. This is how to eat cake when you are 1.

We decided to celebrate his birthday, and the survival of our first year as parents, with a champagne brunch. The gathering was a success and kids and adults all had fun. A big thanks to Justin for all his hard work, my mother-in-law for getting up at 5am to help me cook and our friend Quang Sun for taking some priceless shots of the birthday boy and his friends (I shoot food, not people : )

The Menu

Orange, Cranberry and Grapefruit Mimosas

Honey granola over cinnamon vanilla yogurt with
fresh berries and fruit

Chorizo sausage patties with garlic and fresh sage

Petite toasts with honey, gruyere and fresh thyme

Caprese Salad

Salted caramel French macarons

Carrot cake with cream cheese and vanilla buttercream

yellow and gray party. first birthday champagne brunch

yellow and gray party. first birthday champagne brunch

Fresh berries (some from our yard,) honey granola and fruit.

French Macarons made by my very talented client Megan over at Lady Yum.

The carrot cake was also made by Lady Yum. I finished it with ribbon, fresh roses and some sage from my garden.

Cinnamon vanilla Greek yogurt.

Photo by Quang Sun. Blowing out the candles with mama and dada. He was ready to grab the whole thing!

Petite toasts with gruyere, honey and fresh thyme.

Photos by Quang Sun. Sage’s birthday present was a big hit with the kids. He was nice enough to let everyone play with it.

Chorizo breakfast sausages with garlic and fresh sage.

Photos by Quang Sun. Hanging in the backyard with the birthday boy.

Sage and his great-grandpa Vernor.

Photo by Quang Sun. Sage, Justin & I, with Grandma Leanne and Grandpa Dan.